“Don’t give me money, give me books on bird’s nest”

The story of NutriNest begins in 2004, when Mr. Le Danh Hoang was still a university student with a part-time job as a tour guide. Once, Hoang was lucky enough to lead a tour group of the family of Elisa Nugroho, PhD. – the inventor of the world’s bird’s nest farming – when they went to Vietnam to find a partner.

Being unable to find person having faith in the trade, after many days of knocking on the doors of big companies in Vietnam at that time, the Doctor and his family were about to return home in disappointment. However, unexpectedly, on the last day, when giving a tip envelope to the tour guide, they received a request with full of determination: “Don’t give me money, give me books on bird’s nest and I will develop this trade.”

Hoang Yen Eka Bird’s nest Center, the predecessor of NutriNest, was born in 2005 at the inn of Mr. Hoang in a working-class quarter of Ho Chi Minh City. In the same year, the graduation thesis title “Building the bird’s nest farming and the bird’s nest processing industry in Vietnam” was reviewed as excellence by the science council. The successful application of this title has won the “Vietnam Innovative Example” Award and created the basis for the whole industry of bird’s nest farming and processing nationwide.